Induction of Rev’d. Lindsey Sanderson

The Rev’d Lindsey Sanderson was inducted into the newly formed  East Kilbride and Hamilton Joint Pastorate at a service in Hamilton URC on Sunday 19th February 2017

Shown – Mr Douglas Hay [Hamilton URC] Miss Sandra Wood [Righead URC] Rev’d. John Young [preacher] Rev’d. Dr. David Pickering [Scottish Synod Moderator]  Rev’d. Lindsey Sanderson  Rev’d. John Sanderson  [Rutherglen URC] Rev’d. Alan Paterson [Interim moderator Hamilton URC] Mr. Andrew Mackie [East Mains URC]

Not show – Mrs Carol Govan and Mrs Liz Gray of Hamilton URC read the Bible lessons.

One comment on “Induction of Rev’d. Lindsey Sanderson

    Delighted to see your induction. Good to see that you and John are looking so well. Norah and I retired from Penrhys in 2004 and have recently moved nearer our children in Cardiff.
    If you are ever in the area, we would be delighted to see you.
    John is in the process of writing the Penrhys story: both your and John’s name appeared frequently in those early years.
    Love, fondest memories and blessings on your ministries.
    Norah and John

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