Malawi – Robert Laws Secondary School – June 2011

On 8th June 2011 the church played host to a party of staff and pupils from Balfron High School and their exchange guests from Robert Laws Secondary School, Embangweni, Malawi, when they visited the David Livingstone Centre, Blantyre.

Balfron High School has had links with the Malawi school for over 5 years, the relationship developing because a former member of Balfron Staff had taught physics in the Malawi school for a number of years.  An exchange partnership has been set up, with two visits having been made by Balfron staff and pupils to Embangweni, and 2011 seeing the second visit of staff and pupils from Malawi to Scotland.  The staff and pupils at Balfron fund raise to provide material support for some of the pupils at Embangweni.

As David Livingstone is a hero of the Malawi people, a visit to the centre at Blantyre is a must for their visit.  With a direct historical link to the Livingstone family, and a contact through Mr. Corner’s previous teaching experience at Balfron, the Church offered to provide lunch for the visitors.

The teaching staff from Embangweni are shown pointing out the location of their school on the material presented to the Church.