The elders have agreed to issue the following statement regarding Covid-19

We will continue to offer church services unless the government prevents us doing so, at which point people will advised of ways they can worship at home. However, those who feel themselves particularly vulnerable for whatever reason should make their own decisions on whether to attend worship and other church activities, and all who feel ill are requested not to come to church while showing symptoms.

Following Scottish Government advice people will be asked to wash their hands when they arrive at church and before they leave. Handshaking is strongly discouraged. As Lindsey moves between different congregations, please do not be offended when she does not shake your hand.

For the time being we shall use an offering plate on entry to the sanctuary rather than uplift the offering during worship.

Holy Communion will be prepared with thorough hygiene. There will be enough pre-cut pieces of bread for everyone, and no-one will touch the bread and wine apart from serving it. Even so, if you feel you would rather not receive Communion, we are confident that God will understand.

Those making tea/coffee after the service will also ensure they have washed their hands thoroughly before serving and we may have to consider stopping having refreshments for a while.

You may wish to think carefully about visiting those folk who may be particularly vulnerable – if you can’t visit then a card or phone call will still be welcome.

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