Church plants poppy seed to commemorate World War I

Church plants poppies for peace and remembrance 

Hamilton URC, planted poppies of peace and remembrance on Easter Sunday with the hope that they will bloom on or around 4 August, the 100 year commemoration of the declaration of the First World War.

United Reformed Churches across the three nations, along with churches from other denominations, have been planting both red and white poppy seeds throughout Holy Week. Red poppies have been used since just after the First World War as a symbol of remembrance for those who have died in war, whilst white poppies have come to be a symbol for peace and an end to all wars.

“The planting of both white and red poppy seeds offers an opportunity for members of the congregation to join together to actively remember those who lost their lives during the First World War, whilst contemplating Christ’s message of peace and justice.  It was an occasion of prayer, reflection and planting that ended with a message of hope – that there may come a time when the peace of Christ prevails and there is   no more war.”

The URC poppy planting initiative is just one of the ways in which the URC is commemorating the First World War.


Shown below are Mr Stewart Cutler, guest preacher on Ester Sunday, Margaret Gillan, Church Secretary, and Iain Logan, Church President and treasurer planting the seeds.





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