Maggies Appeal – update

The Christmas Eve Offering was donated to Maggies’ Appeal and the sum raised added to the fund raising event organised by Lisa’s friends.


See the article in the Hamilton Advertiser. 

The Big Shindig event is tonight [18th February] and over £1550 has already been given through the justgiving website – to that will be added the money raised by the Big Shindig and the raffle money raised on the evening.


Monday 10th February – total raised on the night is in the order of £10800 – which does not include the donations through the justgiving site, etc. which was sponsorship for Jo’s head-shaving.   Watch this space for updates.

Sadly, Lisa, who so much inspired this event, died through the night. Fortunately she lived long enough for the family to tell her all about The Big Shindig.

The total to date [29th February] from The Big Shindig, the sponsored head-shave, and the collection at Lisa’s funeral, is the fantastic figure of £15.000.

See the article in Stirling Observer 2nd March 2012.

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